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May 16th, 2011

Posted by Mother's Brewing Company

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Trivia Night at Finnegan's Wake. Hell yes!

The Mother’s boys crashed the weekly Wednesday night trivia at Finnegan’s Wake earlier this month, raising Cain and glasses throughout the night.

Jeremy Wicks could be found co-hosting the night alongside owner Anne Kim, mixing beer-themed trivia with bawdy jokes and copious amounts of drinks. Jeremy also gave out Mother’s swag to the night’s trivia-goers, and subjected tied teammates to the experimental concoctions that the bartenders mixed up. Like a true champion, Jeremy also stayed to the end of the night, proving once again that Mother’s boys know how to have a good time.

Owner Jeff Schrag and intern Curtis could also be found carousing in the crowd. Between drinks the two faced off against each other on separate teams in a fierce battle of the minds. While the intern may have proved victorious when the dust settled, a rematch between the two is already on the horizon.

Of course, no account of the night would be complete without mentioning the wonderful bartenders and crew of Finnegan’s who kept the cold drinks flowing. Mother’s loves all the folks of Finnegan’s Wake, and can’t wait to come back to Springfield’s favorite Irish bar. Cheers!