Adults Only. Sorry, this isn't for you, kiddos.

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Like any good mother, we can't turn a blind eye to underage drinking. If you're jumping the gun, run along for now. We'll be here with open arms on your 21st birthday.


The Mother’s Tour

A Craft Beers Experience

The Mother’s family loves craft beers. We love to brew craft beers, talk craft beers, and even talk about brewing craft beers. But what we love most about Mother’s beers is drinking them. Sounds like the makings of a great tour to us. After all, we’re not the only beer lovers in Springfield.

If you like craft beers and don’t mind learning a thing or two, come by for the Mother’s Brewery Tour. We’ll show you the brewing equipment and how it works. We’ll tell you about the brewing process and what goes into creating a great craft beer. And we’ll let you see and smell the differences among various hops and grains, explaining how a given ingredient impacts the beers you love. We’ll even share a little about the building’s story and how it fits into Springfield’s rich history. The capper? Wait for it...

We'll join you for a taste in our tasting room. We don't pass up the chance to sip these great beers.

Mother's Tours teach about our midwest brewing process and craft beers.

The Skinny on Mother's Brewery Tours

You, your friends, and your family.

A Sensory Experience—see the place, learn about brewing, see and smell the various hops and grains, and best of all Taste Mother’s craft beers!

Every Saturday at 2pm, 3pm, and 4pm. First come, first serve so show up early!

215 South Grant, Springfield, MO 65806. Here's a map.

Show up. Sign up. Be here at least 15 minutes before the tour kicks off.